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About The Conflict Quotes Blog

I've always love collecting insightful quotes. And then got frustrated because I couldn't find them when I needed them. So that was how this Conflict Quotes web site started. In 2004 I took all the quotes I had used in my Conflict Management eNewsletter (started in 2001) and tried to make it easy to find similar quotes on various topics that pertain to the management of conflict in the broadest sense.

My hope has been to use this web site to share the wisdom of the ages through insightful quotes specifically as it pertains to conflict. And because conflict is so revealing of who we are, it seems that over time it's focus has softened a little, but still there is a thread to conflict.



Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide
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peace_at_work_sPractical, visionary and strategic, Peace at Work should be on the desk of every HR professional. Learn why, how, when and what to do to help people get through conflicts so they can get back to work, and you can too!


Corporate Training The HR Mediation Academy also offers 'Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional' to a cohort of up to 24 participants from your organization, and live 'Mediation Mastery for the HR Professional' workshops customized for groups of up to 72.