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Anthony Salas, Former Program Manager at Northern California Human Resource Association
At NCHRA, John worked with me several times as a speaker on the topic of workplace mediation. He presents this topic as a 2-day program, and each time it attracts many participants and always receives very high ratings. John presents the information in a very positive, fun and interesting manner that participants respond well to. I would strongly encourage anyone seeking assistance and direction in workplace mediation to work with John. His results are outstanding!

Judi Watkins, Program Coordinator, Regional Training Institute
John Ford is an exceptional trainer. He is very knowledgeable and has an excellent rapport with training participants as well as business clients. In completed program evaluations, John consistently receives an approval rating of 90% or better. I look forward to working with John in the years ahead.

Yelena Gertsenshteyn, Human Resources at Walmart eCommerce
John is a phenomenal instructor! I had the privilege of having John as a professor at Golden Gate University's Conflict Resolution / Mediation course. John is a highly organized instructor with a very strong work ethic. I really appreciated John's hands on approach to teaching mediation, his in-class peer mediation sessions gave his students the opportunity to run their own sessions and experiment with various methodologies, John's techniques are not just applicable for the mediation profession, they are also transferable to various work/group related situations in practically any field. John is approachable, has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach as an instructor could not be overestimated. I highly recommend John as both a mediator and a professor.”

Jennifer Kim, Human Resources Manager at Behavioral Health Works, Inc.
I had the opportunity to enroll in John Ford’s Organizational Collaborative Practice and Conflict class through the Werner Institute. John Ford is an exceptional and knowledgeable professor. I was incredibly impressed with his honesty, clarity, and communication skills. In addition to John Ford’s professionalism and expertise in subject material, he is very insightful and has the ability to guide his students toward invaluable revelations. It would be a wonderful experience and benefit for any individual to learn through John Ford’s instruction, on both a professional and personal level.”

Harriette Heibel, Communication Services Manager, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
John Ford has been conducting our conflict resolution training for years...he has that rare ability of being able to reach managers as well as front-line employees with a sincerity that helps deliver important messages in a believable and effective way. We'll continue to use John as long as he continues to offer training.

Donna Wies, Judi Berzon, Joanne Silva, Union Sanitary District
John Ford has worked with District staff on several occasions with excellent results. He not only helped the groups resolve their conflict and get back to productive work, he also left the organization with improved skills that we can apply in the future.

Wendy De Leon, PHR Human Resources Manager
In an email from Wendy, after attending the two day Mastering Workplace Mediation training I was sent this side note: "I had a conflict brought to my attention today, and I have never been so happy and excited about a workplace conflict. I am just so excited to apply what I've learned and improve their relationship! I will definitely share the outcome with you."

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., Founder, Acupressure Institute
I worked over a year with John Ford as a consultant for developing a comprehensive Conflict Resolution Procedure for my company. I was consistently impressed with John Ford's clarity, skillful intervention, communication skills, and ease in working on very difficult, stressful problems. He is a remarkable asset.”

Maria Lishansky, Self-employed consultant
John is a true professional in his field. He is competent and has a very natural way in how he works with people. He is insightful and very committed. I have great respect for him and his abilities.”

Brian Comperchio, Learning & Development Consultant
I has the pleasure of attending John's class on Organizational Collaborative Practice and Conflict at the Werner Institute. Amidst the challenges of distance learning and hurdles associated with teaching difficult concepts in an online environment, John was able to keep me and my fellow classmates engaged in ways few other professors could. John taught several important concepts throughout this course but the one that stuck out most was to meet people where they are in conflict. This has already become a new tool in my toolbox for managing conflict that I will take with me throughout my career. This was my favorite class and John made the content relevant, easy to understand, and fun to learn. John is an excellent professor and a valuable asset to the Werner Institute. Any organization would be lucky to have him.”

Nermin Soyalp, Principal / Organizational Consultant at Bring Your Passion to Work
John Ford is an inspiring teacher with his deep knowledge and wide experience in conflict resolution. In my classes with John, he helped me to understand the definition of conflict and how to effectively utilize conflict resolution techniques. He guided me through the experience of resolving personal/professional conflicts. As a human resources manager, I can see that my work with John continues to inform my own techniques in leading work-place mediation. I strongly recommend John's classes, they are transformational.”

Colin Rule, Director of Online Dispute Resolution, Ebay
John is blessed with great equanimity and gentleness of spirit. He is a patient listener and insightful neutral, which enables him to look right into the heart of a conflict. I recommend John whole-heartedly. He's very good at what he does.

Nicole Lamb, Self Employed Trainer
In John's coaching, he has a keen ability to listen to what is said and hone in on unspoken hopes and desires. He understands and supports the practical needs of his clients, while championing and encouraging them to pursue their greatest dreams. John is direct and tactful and provides the focus and structure necessary to target one's areas of greatest priority and importance.”

Manie Spoelstra, Director at International Negotiation Academy
John Ford is a highly ethical and inspiring teacher. He is most gracious and professional in practicing his trade and base it on in-depth understanding of conflict and resolution thereof. He can teach! In teaching he has helped numerous managers and others master the crucial skill of conflict resolution. Many lives are enriched by John's superb inputs. I strongly recommend John as trainer and as practitioner.”

Mark Thurman, President and CEO at CHRIMS, Inc. and Pari Global Solutions, Inc.
John makes conflict management real and understandable. We all have to deal with difficult situations, learning how to use them as learning experiences is what is important. John helps people and organizations achieve their potential even in the midst of conflict.”

Julia Dozier, Community College Administrator
John's commitment to providing an engaging, quality training is great. He customizes his trainings to best suit the needs of his audience, and he always gets excellent reviews.”

Dr. Cheong L. Chuah, Director of Music Technology, Los Medanos College
Thank you for a great class. I learnt a lot from you. I will be sure to let others know of your classes. Take care and I hope that our paths will someday cross again.”

Christine Moore, Training Manager, John Muir Health System
John has presented classes for managers in Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace, which I plan to have as part of my core curriculum requirements for management development.

Jan Schmuckler, Professor at John F. Kennedy University
John and I worked together at the MA in Organization Psychology program at JFKU. John brought ideas and insights to the program. He had wonderful rapport with the students, faculty and administration. John has a warm and inviting manner that allows all levels of the organization to work easily with him. I highly recommend John for any faculty or educational administrative position.”

Bev Scott, Writer, Author, Coach, Founder: The 3rd Act
John is insightful, thoughtful and a supportive colleague. He was well-liked by his students. He was willing to take on extra projects and to advocate on behalf of students. I would be happy to work with him again.”

Sigurdur Bogason, CEO, National Fishing Corporation of Namibia Ltd
Sitting under a siege situation a whole day with my labor negotiator taken hostage by between one to two hundred disgruntled employees (mainly lobster fishermen), facing threats of guns and rampant violence, which only defused when the special armed police unit arrived from the capital eight hours later. It was a relief to learn that a labor dispute expert would be arriving with the Chairman of the board the day after, to help resolve the explosive situation at hand. During the following days John Ford proved to be the voice of reason able to get the labor union to the negotiating table, to find a constructive and peaceful resolution for the future of the company and the employees.

Linda Wootton, Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist at ICMS
From a “mature” students viewpoint I was always looking at my professors with a critical eye; how did they dress, how do they speak to the students, their organizational skills, just to name a few things needed in professionalism. If we, as students, could grade our Professors, John Ford would get an “A+. John is one of my most remembered Professors at Sonoma State University. He is informative and enlightening in the educational process of Conflict Resolution and Mediation. John’s skill in instruction coupled with his charismatic and energetic personality encouraged my desire to learn. He has an exceptional way to foresee into the other persons dilemma, seamlessly apply techniques that will bring a common ground to the surface during mediation, thus for the outcome to be successful to all concerned. I would highly recommend John as far as a professor of learning and as a professional in business matters especially where there is a need for wisdom and ethics.”

Elizabeth Scheffler, Human Resources Generalist at The RealReal
John is a wonderful professor who greatly enhanced my time at Golden Gate University. I took his Structure, Theory, and Ethics of Conflict Resolution course in the 2013 spring trimester. John is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about both the theory behind and effective methods of conflict resolution. He mixes active lecturing and in-class activities for a very interesting and insightful course. John organizes his class time very well and ensures every student understands the salient issues each class. John is extremely knowledgeable about the mediation process and is quite adept at using his experience to teach students effective mediation techniques. John is a very approachable professor who always makes time for any student questions. I highly recommend taking John’s class at Golden Gate University, you will learn quite a lot about mediation.”

Theodora Caroline Krieble, Human Resource Management
At Golden Gate University I had a great pleasure in studying under Professor John Ford, and learning about conflict resolution. He worked with Nobel Peace Prize laureate and noted for his international peace work Marti Ahtisaari on the Namibia crisis. Prof Ford is an excellent Mediator and instructor. He teaches the students how to clarify the on-the-table issues of conflict management to resolution. I recommend this class and should you have him as a Mediator you are extremely lucky to have such a rarified expert to resolve a dispute mutually.”

Rich Cortes, Business Services Manager, Union Sanitary District
John was instrumental in helping us address a deep rift between two of our teams that needed to work together. He was able to gain the trust of some difficult personalities and worked with the teams both individually and collectively to gain commitments on how they would cooperate.

Teri Cannon, Dean, School of Law, JFK University
John has handled several mediations involving students, faculty and staff. He is one of the most effective mediators I have worked with. He has a way of gaining the trust of the parties in a mediation setting and has a calming effect in even the most contentious of situations. He handles issues relating to diversity with skill and sensitivity. His ethics are above reproach, and his understanding of human nature is extraordinary. I always think of him first when I need a mediator.”


Peace at Work: The HR Manager's Guide
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Corporate Training The HR Mediation Academy also offers 'Mediation Fundamentals for the HR Professional' to a cohort of up to 24 participants from your organization, and live 'Mediation Mastery for the HR Professional' workshops customized for groups of up to 72.